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Construction Photos - 2015

Construction Updates - October 13, 2015

2015 Demobilization 

Diversion Structure Progress 


Penstock Progress

Power House Progress

Construction Updates - September 21, 2015  

Penstock Progress 

Diversion Structure Progress

Powerhouse Progress



Construction Updates - September 11, 2015  

Penstock Progress 

Diversion Site Progress

Power House Progress 

Stream Guage Progress 


Site Tour; Employees Old and New - September 4, 2015



Construction Updates - September 2, 2015  

Penstock Progress - Ready to tackle the steep hill and Reach 5 

The Diversion Structure is really coming together!

Work Continues Inside and Around the Powerhouse



Construction Updates - September 1, 2015  

Diversion Structure Progress

Power House Progress

Standby Generator Building



Construction Updates - August 24, 2015  

Penstock Pipe Installation

Construction on the Diversion Structure Continues

Power House Progress

Construction Updates - August 6, 2015  

Penstock Pipe Installation

Form and Concrete Work at the Diversion Structure


Work Continues on the Buildings


Construction Updates - July 29, 2015  

CVEA Staff and Board of Directors Visit the Project

Work in the Powerhouse

Powerhouse Bathroom Work

Powerhouse Control Room

Cable, Electrical, Alarms

Crews Continue to Lay Penstock Pipe

Work Continues On the Diversion Structure


Construction Updates - July 9, 2015  

Work Begins On the Diversion Structure

Installation of the Penstock

More Work at the Power House

Construction Updates - July 6, 2015  

Fascia Install at Power House
Emergency Generator Building

Construction Updates - June 24, 2015  

Installation of Turbine Equipment in the Powerhouse

Switchgear Cover Structure and Emergency Generator Structure

Penstock Pipe Installation and Testing

Excavation for Diversion/Intake Structure

Construction of the temporary 'Sprung Structure' at the Diversion Site; It will be used to keep dirt and cement dry for concrete

Coffer Dam at Diversion/Intake Area


Construction Updates - June 2015  

Crane Load Test. This 35 ton crane was tested to 125% of the safety margin.

Cofferdam Behind Diversion Dike at Intake Area

Delivery and Installation of Bridge Crane for Powerhouse


Construction Updates - May 2015  

Aerial Views


First Winter

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