Creek-Diversion Site Coffer Dam CofferDamWorking Containment SprungStructureInstall Pelton Wheel PenstockInstall Penstock Testing Upper Nozzle Bifurcation powerhouse4 Serial View Spring 2015 Powerhouse in Winter Tunnel Winter Tunnel Portal empty View From Tunnel Tunnel Penstock powerhouse2 Tunnel Piping Tunnel Beginning Culver Dam HSG Excavators Lifted

Allison Creek Hydroelectric Project


Construction Update-June 2015

June has been a busy month. Crews completed the cofferdam behind the diversion dike at the intake area and built a temporary 'Sprung Structure' that will be used to keep dirt and cement dry to mix concrete for the diversion structure. Penstock pipe has been tested and installation of the penstock has resumed. In addition, several components of the turbine equipment and the overhead bridge crane have been installed in the powerhouse and load tested. 

For the most up-to-date photos of the project, click the Project Images link above.


Milestones for the 2015 season will include completion of the penstock, construction of the diversion structure, and installation of the powerhouse equipment. CVEA is still on target to begin producing commercial hydropower from the project in 2016 when the creek allows a full commissioning of the power plant.


Construction Update-November 2014

The first construction season of the Allison Creek Hydroelectric Project ended mid-November. Every goal of the project was met or exceeded during the first construction season including ground clearing and building of the lower and upper access roads, blasting and building of the tunnel, building of the powerhouse structure, laying the first stretch of the penstock, and installation of the feeder line. 


Project Summary

The high cost of fuel continues to plague CVEA members. We cannot control the cost of fuel. We can, however, work to lessen our reliance on fuel for power generation, and it is with this goal in mind that CVEA continues to work toward its vision to reduce or eliminate our dependence on fossil fuel and to stabilize the Cooperative's cost of generation with regional, sustainable resources.

CVEA believes hydropower is the most viable and cost-effective renewable resource and has continued to aggressively move the Allison Creek Hydroelectric Project forward since efforts began in 2008. 

Allison Creek promises several renewable energy benefits:

  • It will displace 725,000 gallons of fuel annually when it is commissioned in 2016

  • It will eliminate 12,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually

  • It will reduce annual fuel costs by $2.415 million every year

  • It will generate 15 million kWhs to increase CVEA's renewable energy portfolio from 50 to 64 percent of total generation requirements

  • It will save members over $800,000 in the first year

This website was created to keep you informed of the progress of the project. You can access historical reports and articles written for Ruralite Magazine to keep members informed. We will keep this page up to date with important information as we move through the construction phase of the project.

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